Step 11: Send Bitcoins to Someone

Send Bitcoins to Someone
To use bitcoins, you must send bitcoins to another address.  To send bitcoins, the service will give you a specific address to send bitcoins to.

Copy this address.  Open up your bitcoin wallet.  Click on the “Send coins” tab.

Enter the address you want to send the coins to in the “Pay to” field.  If you are going to send coins to this person or group multiple times, you can enter a label for this person so that you can find them in your address book again.  Enter the amount in the next field (for easy math, remember that 1 BTC is $10).  Click send when you are done.

If you just want to practice sending bitcoins to someone, you can test sending them to me.  Just send 0.01 BTC to me (approx. 10 cents).  Good luck!

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