The Hidden Reason Behind Bitcoin’s Increasing Fees: Darknet Mixers

As Global Bitcoin Exchanges Suffer From Increased Use — Darknet Marketplaces Are Also Busier Than Ever As much as people don’t like to talk about it, bitcoin has been used widely across DNMs across the deep web for years. Many people believe the lion’s share of bitcoin transactions come from DNM sales. Since the inception of the first DNM — the Silk Road — illicit narcotic sales have increased exponentially. Furthermore, two years after the sentencing of the Silk Road operator there are more online marketplaces located on the deep web than ever…

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European Commission Launches Digital Currency and Dark Web Consortium

Virtual Currencies and Darknet Markets Evolve Quickly Says Project Coordinator The European Commission’s Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) has created a consortium and project called ‘Titanium’ (Tools for the Investigation of Transactions in Underground Markets). According to the announcement, the Titanium Project researchers will begin undertaking a three-year, €5 million project, that aims to curb this criminal activity and will be subsidized by the European Union. “Criminal and terrorist activities related to virtual currencies and darknet markets evolve quickly and vary in technical sophistication, resilience and intended targets,”…

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