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What to Know Before Trading Monero

While hundreds cryptocurrencies have been launched and many have attempted to provide users with greater privacy, they have seen varying levels of success. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was originally touted as providing users with anonymity. The cryptocurrency’s protocol attempted to offer a high level of privacy by shielding user identities behind pseudonymous addresses, randomly generated strings of numbers and letters. However, this approach proved ineffective. Bitcoin addresses and transactions are both recorded on the blockchain, making them publicly available. Even though an individual bitcoin address is pseudonymous, it can attach to…

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Blockchain Entrepreneurs Target Apple and Google at Token Summit

An inaugural conference focused on new use cases for cryptographic assets showcased today how blockchain-based applications that serve actual needs may be on the horizon. But not everyone at Token Summit agreed on the market’s direction. As panel after panel of entrepreneurs took the stage in New York, some in the audience remained skeptical – while even the panelists themselves expressed a note of caution. To kick off the event, hosted at the NYU Stern School of Business, one of the earliest innovators in the crypto-space, Erik Voorhees – who…

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