CoinDesk Research Launches State of Blockchain Q1 Report

The first quarter of 2017 was a big one for the blockchain space. From the spark of what has become a massive cryptocurrency rally to the emergence of major enterprise efforts like the launch of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the first quarter may ultimately come to be seen as a defining one for the industry. The first quarter also saw initial coin offerings, or ICOs, continue to gain interest despite unclear regulatory guidance from agencies like the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As showcased in CoinDesk’s latest State of Blockchain report,…

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What to Know Before Trading Monero

While hundreds cryptocurrencies have been launched and many have attempted to provide users with greater privacy, they have seen varying levels of success. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was originally touted as providing users with anonymity. The cryptocurrency’s protocol attempted to offer a high level of privacy by shielding user identities behind pseudonymous addresses, randomly generated strings of numbers and letters. However, this approach proved ineffective. Bitcoin addresses and transactions are both recorded on the blockchain, making them publicly available. Even though an individual bitcoin address is pseudonymous, it can attach to…

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Bitcoin’s New Scaling ‘Agreement’: The Reaction

A meeting of bitcoin startup executives and miners held this weekend has resulted in the publication of a new proposal for how the open-source project should be upgraded to support additional transaction capacity. Detailed in a Medium post published by investment firm Digital Currency Group today, the proposal was billed as an agreement that would make two changes toward this stated goal. The proposal was signed by more than 50 companies, and claims to have support from 83% of the network’s miners – businesses that operate computers that secure the…

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